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Rapid Response Advocacy Action for AAP Members 

Rapid Response Advocacy Action for AAP Members: Protect Medicaid

The Senate is preparing to pass health care legislation. We need your help to urge them to preserve Medicaid in any bill they consider. 
Here’s how:
1.       Call, call, call. Right now is a critical window to influence the Senate health care proposal and the most effective way to do so at this point in the process is with phone calls. Each call is logged and the net effect is for Senators to get the message that their constituents feel strongly about protecting Medicaid. Instructions below.
2.       Share your story. Use social media to share why Medicaid matters to you and your patients. Write a blog or op-ed about your experience and call out your senators.
3.       Spread the word. Email your colleagues and urge them to join you in inundating the Senate on the Days of Action, June 15th and June 22nd, with phone calls. There is power in numbers to stop harmful Medicaid proposals from being included in the final bill, but we need every voice chiming in together.

How to Call Your Senators & What to Say
On these two Days of Action, June 15th & again on June 22nd, pick up the phone and call your two U.S. senators to urge them to protect Medicaid from cuts or caps in any bill they consider.
Here’s how:
•         Senators for Nevada:Dean Heller: (202) 224-6244; (702) 388-6605; (775) 686-5770; (775) 738-2001
Catherine Cortez Masto: (202) 224-3542; (702) 388-5020;  (775) 686-5750
•         Say the following when you call:
o   Hello. I am pediatrician from Nevada and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. I am calling today to urge Senator Heller/Cortez Masto to oppose any funding cuts or caps to Medicaid in your health care bill.
o   Medicaid covers children from low-income families and children with special health care needs. It’s a lifeline program for 191.000 children in our state. In fact, 65% of Medicaid receipts in Nevada are children.
o   I am deeply concerned with any proposal to cut or cap federal funding for Medicaid in any way. Doing so would shift costs to states, likely leading to enrollment and benefit cuts, and leaving children worse off.
o   Through Medicaid, children are guaranteed benefits that cover a comprehensive array of medically necessary services, including developmental, vision and hearing screenings. Pediatricians recommend these services because they help diagnose, treat and prevent complex conditions right away, saving money and lives. Capping Medicaid funding means these services could be rolled back or eliminated altogether.
o   In addition, Medicaid expansion allowed many previously uninsured parents to gain coverage, making them better able to care for their children. Any efforts to cap Medicaid funding or phase out Medicaid expansion would be devastating to children and their families.
o   Please protect children’s health care coverage and oppose any funding cuts or caps to Medicaid in any health care bill you consider.
o   Thank you for all you do for children.

Share Messages on Social Media: #DontCapMyCare & #KeepKidsCovered
Consider sharing messages on social media to urge the Senate to keep Medicaid strong. Look up your Senators on Twitter to mention them specifically.
The main hashtag AAP and our partners are using for this effort is #DontCapMyCare, and #KeepKidsCovered is another hashtag to incorporate into messages.

Write a Blog or Op-ed About Protecting Medicaid from Caps or Cuts
Using the Senate talking points as a guide, consider writing a personal story about how capping Medicaid funding would impact your patients by writing a blog or op-ed in a local or national media outlet. Please email with any op-ed you write for help editing and pitching the piece.

Spread the Word: Encourage Other Pediatricians to Join In
Send an email to your networks along the lines of what’s below, urging them to join you in these Days of Action. There is power in numbers, and the more touchpoints senators receive from constituents and child health experts, the more likely the message gets through. Please feel free to share the information in this email to your colleagues.

You can also access the AAP advocacy tool kit at .

Chapter Mission
Chapter Focus
The Nevada AAP Chapter is an organized group of pediatricians located across the state. Our mission is to be sure that Nevada's children are safe and healthy, and grow up to be productive citizens. In order to facilitate this goal, we recognize the increasing need for improved Access to Care and the importance of higher Immunization Rates.
To better the lives of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults throughout the state of Nevada by improving child health through increased access to care; legislative and community advocacy; support of research; education of pediatric healthcare providers; and support of the Chapter's members.