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Thank you for your interest in joining the Nevada Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)!
Our chapter has members throughout the state but are mainly concentrated in the metro areas of Las Vegas and Reno (the map to the right plots where our members are located). Like the population of the state, 80% of our members are in the Las Vegas/Henderson metro area, with most of the remaining 20% located in Reno. If you practice in a rural area of Nevada, please consider volunteering for our board (we can connect you via an online meeting) to ensure our chapter is meeting the unique needs of your patients.
Although often associated with primary-care pediatrics, the AAP and our chapter draws strength from a variety of members including pediatric specialists, nurse practitioners, and dentists. We often hear that joining can be confusing since the AAP has many options, including one option just to join our chapter and not the national organization, to select from when becoming a new member or renewing membership. We appreciate you taking the time to review your options and pick the best one for you.

What We Do Is Monumental

 This brief video highlights just a few of the monumental accomplishments of the AAP over the past 30 years including decreasing pediatric death rates for children under 5 by more than 50%, reducing mother to newborn HIV infection rate by more than 90%, and reducing the number of babies under age 1 year who die from SIDS in half. 

At any given time, the AAP is actively working on hundreds of issues advancing child health and the professional and personal satisfaction of its members. The Nevada Chapter furthers the work of the AAP by addressing the state-specific needs of our members and their patients.

Visit the AAP National Site To Join